Upgrade to coreBOS CRM

Upgrade your vtiger CRM to coreBOS CRM: Service


coreBOS CRM is the natural evolution from vtiger 5.x & 6.x
Upon a proved, powerful and functional base.

+ more speed

+ more secure

+ more functionality

  • Enhanced Calendar
  • Improved Worflow System   
  • MailChimp & Sendgrid Integration
  • BPM Features
  • Google Tools Integrations: Maps, Analytics & Drive

+ A bunch of new, powerful and exciting functionalities (bpm, big data, new interface)

+ Automatic upgrade through the new subscription mechanism

From vtiger 5.x or vtiger 6.x, upgrade now your CRM to coreBOS CRM

To know more about coreBOS CRM...

Starting from 100$ for a new coreBOS CRM installation in our hosting or yours.

  Request a free survey  if your installation has been modified 

  Hire now your upgrade or new installation  for coreBOS CRM.

** UPGRADE to coreBOS CRM **

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We perform also customizations and training services.


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